Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcoming Testing


Be sure to keep your calendars marked for upcoming TAKS testing:

Tuesday, April 28: 6th & 7th grade Math TAKS.

Wednesday, April 29: 6th & 7th grade Reading TAKS.
8th grade Reading TAKS, 2nd Administration.

Thursday, April 30: 8th grade Science TAKS.

Friday, May 1: 8th grade Social Studies TAKS.

Tuesday, May 19: 8th grade Math TAKS, 2nd Administration.

Congratulations to our 8th graders on the 1st Administration of the Math & Reading TAKS! Great improvement over last year's scores!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Enjoy A Long Weekend!


Remember that there is no school on Friday, April 10th! Enjoy a 3-day weekend, and a Happy Easter!

Congratulations to our 8th graders, who now have the 1st Administration of the Math TAKS behind them! We expect the test results by April 24th!

Spring is rolling right along! Keep focused until the end!